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Madeleine's Enterprise

Published October 2018 by Books We Love

Madeleine Shaw and her widowed mother are struggling financially after the death of her father leaves them with massive debts. Ada Shaw thinks her daughter should marry wealthy business man Ralph Newman but Madeleine is made of sterner stuff. She will not marry for money and sets about starting her own business, unheard of for a woman in the early 20th century.

Song of Memories

published August 2017 by Books We Love

When Natalie Fisher arrives home one winter evening she finds the place ransacked and her family arrested, a common experience for foreigners living in Stalin's Russia in the 1930s. Pregnant and alone she finds refuge in the British Embassy. In despair and thinking her lover Stephan has been killed along with his parents, she marries embassy official Laurence so that her baby will have a father. they return to England and Natalie tries to build a life with him. But she never forgets Stephan and holds on to the hope that he has survived.

The Midnight Dancers

Two years after the death of her husband, Joanne feels it's time to move on. She takes a new job at Grayling manor and moves into the New Rectory nearby. As she delves into the history of the manor she begins to discover disturbing links between between it and her new home. And to add to her confusion she thinks she is falling in love with Clive Grayling her new employer. Published by Linford Romance large print books 2017.

Farewell Innocence

My latest Victorian romance tells the story of housemaid Ruby and her love for policeman Jeremiah. It is available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Published by Books We Love., 2016.

Duty and Deception

Anna is a dutiful daughter who has cared for her father since the death of her mother. But when she meets Gracie, an employee in her father's needle-making factory, she begins to see how restricted her life is. She longs for more meaning in her life and, despite her father's disapproval, joins Gracie at a meeting of the suffragists. Here she meets Lady Beatrice Winslow, the leader of the local group and before long she is caught up in the cause. When Gracie's sister, Lily, is killed while taking part in a rally, Anna is terrified her father will discover her involvement. Helped by young Doctor Daniel Peters, she defies her father and determines to find out if Lily's death was an accident, or murder.

'Duty and Deception' was published in July 2015.

Sweet Vengeance

A large print romance, 'Sweet Vengeance' marks a departure from my usual historical novels. It is the story of Kelley Robinson, an aspiring actress who gains a part in a long-running television series. She falls in love with the charismatic director, Carl Roche, only to discover he is not the man she thought he was. When she is betrayed by him she determines to get her revenge. But to execute her plan she needs help. Who can she trust?

Linford Large Print Romance published by Ulverscroft, 2015. 

Divided Loyalty

Forbidden by her father to work alongside him on their Sussex farm, Celia Raines takes a job at the local printing works. When war comes and the farmhands join the forces, Celia hopes to achieve her ambition of being a farmer. But it is too late. The printing works is doing sensitive work for the Ministry of Information and Celia cannot leave.

Romance blossoms between Celia and her brother’s RAF friend, Matthew Dangerfield. Both are engaged on bombing missions over Germany. Matthew confides that her brother is beginning to have doubts about his role in the war and Celia’s loyalties are put to the test.

Then their plane is shot down on returning from a bombing mission. Will Celia and Matt get the chance to resolve their differences?

Divided Loyalty has now been re-issued with a new cover in paperback and ebook by Books we Love.

Rising Tide

Large print romance (originally published as a My Weekly Pocket Novel).

Separated from her childhood sweetheart by a family feud, Grace Brownlow agrees to marry the man chosen for her by her parents. But there are secrets in Thomas's past as Grace discovers when she accompanies him back to India. Meanwhile Adam is also on his way to India, hoping to see Grace once more and reassure himself that she is well and happy. But Grace is in trouble. Will Adam arrive in time to help her?

Full Circle (published by Robert Hale, 2012).

This is a historical romance set during the First World War.

Although she knows nothing can come of it, ladies’ maid Daisy March is eagerly awaiting the return on leave of Naval Lieutenant Jack Davenport, the brother of her mistress Georgina. She hopes that this time he will defy his family and declare his love. But before he can do so, she is accused of stealing and summarily dismissed.

When World War One breaks out, Daisy takes up nursing but to her dismay, Georgina is also among the new recruits. To her surprise, they become friends, drawn together by their concern for Jack and his friend Tom with whom Georgina is in love. They are posted to a hospital in Malta, where they hope for news of the men they love.

   But a misunderstanding threatens the girls’ friendship and when tragedy strikes it seems there will be no happy ending for either of them.

Full Circle has now been publshed in Large Print and as an audio book.

Previous Hardback novels published by Robert Hale

Love or Duty (2011)

Louise Charlton feels plain and uninteresting beside her vibrant sister, Sarah, a talented singer, and when she falls in love with young Doctor Andrew Tate she convinces herself he is not interested in her. While Sarah sails to America to pursue her singing career, Louise stays at home to care for her selfish, manipulative step-mother. Tricked into marrying James, the son of her father’s business partner, Louise tries to forget Andrew. When James reveals his true nature, she throws herself into war work and tries to make the best of things. Then she meets Andrew again. Will love win out over duty for Louise?

Threads of Silk (2010)

Ellen Tyler dreams of escaping her drunken father, her only refuge her artistic talent. But when she is forced to give up her education and is abandoned by the only man she has ever loved, she runs away to a small Essex village where she finds work in a silk mill. Here she rediscovers her creativity and slowly starts to rebuild her life. But she cannot forget Harry, the love of her life. Will she ever find happiness or will the ‘threads of silk' bind her forever to the past?

On Wings of Song (2009)

Rebellious society girl Arabella Raynsford is leading a double life as a music hall singer. She is on the verge of being exposed, and to escape a possible scandal she flees to the Crimea and joins Florence Nightingale’s team of nurses.

Arabella’s ambitious mother wants her to marry wealthy landowner Oswald, but she has fallen in love with humble engineer, Nat Sloane, a man her parents will never accept. Back in London she resolves that rather than marry a man she does not love, she will continue her singing career. But both Oswald and Nat have other plans for Arabella.


Young Dolly Dixon is determined to overcome her illegitimate background and lead a respectable life. But when her mother runs off with a lover, she is forced to leave her job and look after her unappreciative step-family. Her life of drudgery is brightened by her love for handsome market trader Tom Marchant. It is not just his good looks and devastating smile that have won her heart. He is ambitious too and longs to escape his youthful involvement with the criminal Rose brothers. At the start of World War Two Tom and Dolly get married and leave London to open a shop in a Sussex village. But have they really seen the last of the brothers? And what is the other secret that Tom is hiding?

Abigail's Secret (2008)

‘Abigail’s Secret’ is set in Chichester, Sussex, and starts just before the Second World war, when Abby Cookson, daughter of the town drunk, meets and falls in love with handsome sailor Joe.

When she gets a job at The Emporium, a large department store, she thinks her troubles are over. But Joe is off to sea and Abby’s employer is not as respectable as she thought.

When Abby discovers she is pregnant while Joe is away, it seems things can’t get any worse. The start of World War Two gives her the chance of a new life and to put the secrets of the past behind her. But she cannot forget Joe.

(This title is shortly to be re-issued in paperback with a new cover by Books We Love.)

Large Print paperbacks published by Ulverscroft (Linford Romance Library)

The Cross and the Flame (2005)

   While the plague rages through London, Hester dreams of her sailor sweetheart, Jonathan, despite being promised in marriage to her father’s friend, the odious Thomas Latham. The deaths of her mother and baby brother bring guilty relief when the wedding is postponed and she prays that Jonathan will return in time to save her from Thomas. But when he reaches London he hears that Hester has died in the plague. Will he discover the deception before she is forced to marry a man who has no place in her heart?

A Hatful of Dreams (2007)

Sally Williams works in a milliner’s salon but dreams of owning her own shop. When she delivers a hat to Lady Isabelle Lazenby she becomes flustered by her ladyship’s handsome cousin, Charles Carey but finds herself attracted to footman, Harry.

Charles’s interest in Sally causes a rift in her growing relationship with Harry. He feels she is encouraging Charles in the hopes that he will help her achieve her ambition.

But Sally is determined to make her own way. Will she succeed? And could there be a future for Sally and Harry?

The Comfort of Strangers (2008)

When Carrie Martin’s family falls on hard times she struggles to support her frail sister and inadequate father. While scavenging along the Thames shoreline for firewood, she stumbles across the unconscious body of a young man. As she nurses him back to health she falls in love with the stranger. But there is a mystery surrounding the identity of ‘Mr Jones’ and, as Carrie tries to find out who he really is, she finds herself in danger.

Sea of Love (2009)

When she is left destitute, Ellen Campbell embarks on a new life in Australia, a dangerous voyage into the unknown, to marry James, a man she has never met.

Helping to nurse a sick passenger, Ellen meets and falls in love with Richard Gray, the ship’s doctor. Convinced that he does not return her feelings, she dreads reaching Sydney and having to decide whether to honour her promise to James or face life alone in a strange country.

A Fragile Sanctuary (2009)

When Jess Fenton’s father dies, his employer only agrees to let her stay in their cottage on condition she has her disabled sister locked away in an institution. She refuses and the sisters are turned out to wander the country lanes in search of work.

They find unlikely sanctuary at a privately run home for the mentally ill - the very place that Jess had vowed her sister would never enter.

As Jess settles into her new job she finds herself falling in love with the owner of Chalfont Hall, even as she questions his motivation in running such a place.

The Blacksmith’s Daughter (2011)

Tilly Masters hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps as the village blacksmith and is upset when he takes on an assistant. But she falls in love with Nathan and is devastated when he enlists and is sent to France.

She takes his place in the forge but when her father dies, her aunt persuades her to give it up and go to live with her in town. She has ambitions for Tilly – marriage to the local squire’s son, Richard. But Tilly has vowed to wait for Nathan. Will she succumb to Richard’s advances or cling to the hope that Nathan will return from the trenches?

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